Ratchet Girl Raps Vine Compilation

First one is my favourite!


16 Things About Guys You’ve Always Wanted To Know But You’re Afraid To Ask

Thought Catalog


1. Just because we get an erection doesn’t mean we’re sexually aroused. I’ve gotten them at funerals before and, trust me, that’s not my scene at all. It’s horribly embarrassing.

2. Not all guys want to have sex 24 hours per day. There are times that sex sounds like the worst thing in the world and all I want to do is eat Oreos and watch Netflix.

3. Guys are in the bathroom so long because we start reading useless stuff on our phones and lose track of time. One time I realized I had been reading about old school wrestling so long my feet were asleep and it was getting dark outside.

4. If there’s something you want to try sexually, we’ll try it. We haven’t asked because we’re afraid you’ll say no or think we’re a pervert if that’s not your thing.

5. Not every female friend…

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